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Sirens, thanks for sharing this. It is our responsibility to open our eyes to how these socially and historically constructed concepts encroach on us if we don’t challenge them. 


The following is a link for pictures which show how fundraiser organizers used lighter skinned mixed race slave children as part of a campaign to raise money for African-American schools in the late 1860s in New Orleans, because they believed that lighter skinned slaves would garner more sympathy, and in turn more money, for their cause.

- The Sirens

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Folks, I am re-reading Patrick Manning's book, _The African Diaspora_ for discussion in class. In the first chapter, on the topic of Race, he writes, “The changing interpretations of 'race' thus become part of the story of the African diaspora.” Ok, agreed that in order to understand this story we need to account for how this category (by which Africans and its diasporic relatives were classified) evolved. But what would the consequences be if we take to heart the implications of this approach to the way we do history in general? What comes to mind, then, is that we would have to also write the History of the European Diaspora, and in doing so, we would have to account on it for the “changing interpretations of race” too; in other words, we would have to study how Whiteness was created, how becoming White impacted the spread of Europeans and their culture across the world. Kudos to those in Whiteness studies

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