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This is a really interesting catch of document. How things look differently now!


Elías Wessin y Wessin, who spearheaded the US-backed coup that deposed Dominican president Juan Bosch on September 25, 1963, was featured on the cover of the May 7, 1965 issue of Time magazine.

This is what Time wrote about him in 1965, during the second US occupation of the Dominican Republic, which began in April of that year:

The Dominican most responsible for the U.S. military presence was Elías Wessin y Wessin, a tough little brigadier general who commands the country’s most powerful military base and at the time the marines landed was the key force for law and order. Twice before, General Wessin y Wessin, 40, had relied on his planes and tank-equipped supporting troops to settle political disputes in the Dominican Republic. He was the man who deposed Juan Bosch in 1963, after a series of angry confrontations over Communist infiltration in the government. Now he was fighting again, as he saw it, to prevent a political struggle from becoming a Communist takeover. And for help this time, he called on the U.S. Said Wessin y Wessin: “We saved the country by only a hair. The conspiracy was very big. The majority of people did not even know what was going on.” (Via)

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